Vegan Bun with oyster mushrooms grown on our coffee grounds

We were looking for a way to give a second life to our coffee grounds when we crossed path with Permafungi a few years ago. They use our coffee waste as a fertilizer to grow oyster mushrooms. Exactly what we were looking for. Once harvested, we are preparing these organic mushrooms in a brand new and warm recipe which is also 100% vegan. A small steps that tastes like many others.

Vegan and delicious

In our menu, we are preparing many 100% vegan recipes to inspire you and to convince you that eating vegan can also be tasty.

The oyster mushrooms in our bun are caramelized and covered with a special smoked spice sauce. For the meat lovers, this texture and taste will remind you of pulled-pork. These mushrooms are served on a home made vegan bun with fresh salad, tomato and pickled red onions. See how Alain makes it in the video below… 


What are your small steps?

One vegan meal a week already makes a difference. For you and the planet. At Le Pain Quotidien, you can take a small step simply by tasting our 100% vegan bun. Yes, tasty food can also be organic, circular and vegan!

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