Vegan and tasty: 1 meal a week to make a difference

According to a new trend, everyone of us should be flexitarian. It is about time for us to break it to you… Our menu has been flexitarian since the beginning of Le Pain Quotidien, 30 years ago! And we wish to go even further to keep on creating new 100% vegan recipes. This does not mean that we will stop using meat, fish and cheese. But the choice will be given to you to go for a tast, healthy  and 100% vegan meal whenever you want. By doing so you will also be taking a small step.

Vegeterian or vegan ?

Vegeterian dishes do not include any fish or meat but can include cheese, eggs or honey. Vegan dishes do not include any meat, fish, dairy products, eggs or honey. It is a whole new way of cooking which allows to discover other vegetal ingredients and hence, new tastes.

This is what we are striving to achieve in our restaurants: to help you discover new vegetal tastes!

What about flexitarism?

In our menu, vegetarian dishes amount to ¾ of our recipes. Vegan recipes amount to a little less than half. This is a small step that we are taking: we are offering to everyone the choice to reduce their consumption of meat and fish by choosing a tasty, indulging and healthy recipe. For those who want to take a step further and taste our 100% vegan bun with organic oyster mushrooms is a delicious alternative.

Eating vegan once a week

Eating vegan once a week is already a small step. You can start at home, then come in to discover our recipes in our restaurants. On top of the 100% vegan bun, you will also be able to choose for other flavourful and healthy recipes. Choosing to eat vegan is also better for your health: you reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

It is also better for the environment :

Industrial breeding and dairy sectors contribute greatly to climatic change and if nothing changes, they will be amongst the biggest polluters by 2050 and the biggest consumers of water.

If everyone of us were to switch one meal with meat with a vegan meal, we could reduce by 28% the worldwide water consumption. It means that for every plate, we could spare 1500L of water which is equivalent to one shower a day for a whole month.

Long before “flexitarism” was a thing, I was already vegetarian half the time and vegan the rest of the time”
What are the small steps that you could take?

Benefits of eating vegan once a week are:

  1. Better for your health
  2. Better for the planet
  3. It is delicious. To convince yourself, give a try to our tasty 100% vegan bun with organic oyster mushrooms.